Ceramic Tiles Floors

ceramic floor


Cost - ceramic tiles are durable and relatively inexpensive for their lifetime.

Installation - made of fired clay, they are resilient and relatively easy to lay - although cutting ceramic tiles can be a skill that takes time to develop. It’s also a time-consuming job, so most people opt for professional installation.

Durability - while tiles are hardy, grout can discolour rapidly and leave floors looking dingy and tired.

Cleaning - easy to clean, a simple brushing over, followed by a weekly mop and an annual deep clean and reseal does the job. Harsh detergents can harm tiles so it’s important to check cleaning product instructions.


Wood Floors

wood floor


Cost - hardwood floors are usually already in place and just need sanding/finishing. Laminate floors are a modern twist on solid wood and are relatively easy to install. Whilst neither is exactly cheap, both are forms of flooring that add to a property’s value over time.

Installation - few of us would attempt to lay a solid wood floor and while laminate can be a DIY job, it’s best to invest in professional installation to avoid the few but significant problems that can arise from amateur attempts to lay laminate.

Durability - both forms of wooden flooring are long-term durable. Expect a wood floor to last your life time or longer!

Cleaning - wood floors can be swept or vacuumed daily and a wood cleaner every month or so will bring back shine. While the average spill isn't a problem, whitewashed (limed) floors sometimes stain, not because of the wood but because the white paint used to distress the wood can grab dark spills and hold them.


Carpet Floors

carpeted floor


Carpet - can be one of the lowest capital cost routes, if you choose it to be. From hardwearing needlecord through to pure wool carpets, there is something for every budget.

Installation - definitely a specialist process. Fitting a carpet is like being fitted for a suit; no two rooms are alike and carpet wrinkles are not a good look!

Durability - there’s no doubt that most forms of carpet require more frequent replacement than other flooring, which is why it often cost less to start with. Like most things in life, the more you pay, the longer you can expect it to last.

Cleaning - carpets are relatively high maintenance, spills need to be cleaned immediately and while many carpets offer stain protection, it’s easy to end up with permanent marks on carpet. Grit and dirt damage carpet life as well as looking terrible, so regular vacuuming is essential and deep cleaning is often recommended on an annual basis.


Stone Floors

stone floor


Cost - stone floors are never cheap. However, like wood, they are an investment that lasts for more than a lifetime.

Installation - this is always a specialist job, like any long-term investment it requires perfect groundwork to ensure it lasts indefinitely.

Durability - most stone will outlast the people who opt for it, and 13th century stone floors look just as good today as they did the day they were laid - real evidence that stone is for life! Slate can fracture if things are dropped on it and depending on the porosity of the stone, some floors can suffer staining and moisture damage.

Cleaning - depending on your chosen flooring type it can as simple as sweeping and occasional mopping. Regular resealing of stone floors is essential to maintain their gloss.


Vinyl Floors

vinyl floor


Cost - definitely the cheapest of the options, vinyl tiles or sheet flooring are still a great option, especially given its ability to mimic all other forms of flooring.

Installation - of all the forms of flooring available, this is the one that is eminently DIY. Excellent results are possible for even the average handyman. Something to bear in mind is the vinyl is the one flooring type that adds nothing to a home’s value and can actually reduce the value of a house as it’s notorious for being difficult to remove once installed.

Durability - there has to be a downside to all the good news, doesn’t there! Vinyl can last for a couple of decades but it’s prone to denting and can easily be scratched or gouged if sharp objects are dropped or even if heavy furniture is moved around.

Cleaning - back to the good news - sweeping and mopping keep this style of flooring clean without any problem. Thank you for reading. Please leave your questions below should you require more information.

Written for CHRISTINE MAY INTERIOR DESIGN by London based Wood and Beyond.