An established UK based interior designer, Christine has had her extensive portfolio published in many interior design publications. Well known in the industry and with over 20 years experience, Christine is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design. She started her career as a graphic designer. A lifelong interest in interior design led to her designing various bars, offices and corporate spaces as well as private and public gardens. After gaining a professional qualification in interior design,  Christine set up her own interior design company, specialising in turn-key projects for both private and commercial clients. Christine has experience across the board in all aspects of interior design and project management.

Komila is an interior architect and spatial designer based in the UK. She has more than eight years professional experience working on projects in both the UK and on the Indian subcontinent, travelling frequently between the two. Komila graduated from Miranda House and started her career in the publishing industry in India before moving to London to pursue her dream of becoming an interior architect and interior designer. Komila gained much of her professional experience at Christine May Interior Design before becoming a partner in the company.

James gained his degree at Middlesex University whilst working part time at Christine May Interior Design. After graduating, James worked with Christine for a number of years before going on to gain experience in retail and office design at Shopworks Ltd. He has also worked for various property developers and companies specialising in high-end showhomes. James has practical experience of working with kitchen and bedroom fitters as well monitoring and coordinating projects in both the commercial and residential sectors.

After gaining a degree in architecture at Pune University, Kanchan went on to further her education at the University of Sydney, Australia, where she studied Design Science specialising in sustainable design. With an LEED AP and as a certified GRIHA trainer, she makes sustainability a core component of the design process. Her professional architectural experience was garnered at the award winning Christopher Charles Benninger Architects, a world renowned practice known for user sensitive and eco friendly designs.